Cusat's Cafe, Hazleton PA 18201

History of Cusat's Cafe, Hazleton PA

Aniellio Cusat, Cusat's Cafe, Hazleton PA.
Cusat’s Café opened for business, on July 4th, 1936 as "Anniello Cusati Beer Garden", by Aniello Cusat and his two sons Anthony “Bellhop” and Rocco “Rocky” Cusat. The "Beer Garden" was originally opened on the East side of 12th and Alter streets, in Hazleton Pennsylvania, which was directly across the street from its present location.

In 1946 the two brothers expanded their operation; now known as "Cusat's Cafe", which by then was serving sandwiches and Italian platters. Needing more room for family seating the Rocco Cusat, Anthony "Bellhop" Cusat. brothers purchased the building directly across the street from their original location, and that it is where the business stands today, 742 Alter Street, Hazleton Pa.

During the heydays of the 70's Hazleton was booming, eateries quickly became the hub where families and friends gathered, and Cusat’s was one of the favorite spots in town, along with a few others. This quaint eatery quickly became a second home for many, everyone was treated like family, and the food became legendary.  Cusat's hoagies were considered the best in the area and retain that title today, having been selected “People’s Choice” for many years running.

As business continued to grow Cusat's still needed more room, and in 1975 the building underwent yet another change with the addition of the rear dining room.

Cusat's Cafe, Hazleton PA, Bellhop Cusat.

In June of 2000 Anthony "Bellhop" Cusat made National attention with his quest of becoming the Guinness Book of World Record’s World’s Oldest Bartender.

In changing with the times the addition of the outside patio took place in the fall of 2004. This quickly became a town favorite.

To help accommodate the multiple charitable fund-raisers held throughout the year the outside yard and picnic area were added; this area now allows for large private parties, community functions, in relaxing atmosphere, while enjoying the weather as you gather with friends.

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